About RBI Wales

RBI Wales uses baseball and softball to increase

social inclusion and
leadership development

among underprivileged young people in Wales, UK

We nurture self-confidence, physical fitness, leadership, teamwork, healthy competition, and sportsmanship.

We provide young people with a safe environment to develop their values of honesty, fairness and equality, and integrity.

We encourage our participants to excel in all aspects, to become young leaders in their communities while encouraging academic achievement.

Our sessions run in various settings: secondary schools, primary schools, community youth groups.

Our ultimate goal is to build a better future for all our young members to be ambassadors in their communities through promoting health and fitness.

We enable children to achieve their potential in baseball and softball regardless of their socio-economic background or ability…

engaging in an activity that is good for them physically and mentally. We provide equipment and high-quality coaches who are trained through our coach development programme. Most of all, we run a very positive session, which has a remarkable impact on their self confidence, motivation and concentration.


RBI Wales is affiliated with RBI.


Because we believe all children should have access to sports, RBI Wales makes baseball and softball affordable and accessible for all youth in Wales, regardless of age, skill or household income.


The disparity in team sports participation between children from low-income and middle-class homes has grown dramatically. We aim to reverse this trend.