Getting our players to Academy Softball

All of our players are super special, but two very special players who joined our team this year. These lively twin sisters have been in Wales for almost two years now, moving here from a country in political turmoil, in search of a peaceful life.

They were excited to hear there was a softball and baseball programme in Cardiff, because they loved playing the game in their home country. They have played the sport since they were seven!  This summer, they were members of the RBI Wales Sluggers team representing Cardiff that played in a tournament at the national grounds. In the 2022 season, they will be members of the Cardiff Celts – the youth fastpitch team from Cardiff that competes in the Great Britain Fastpitch League.  These girls are so fun and full of life. On the bus ride to the tournament, one of the girls said “I want to be famous.” Little did she know that at the end of the tournament she’d be receiving the ‘Best Hitter’ award, with a mention in BSUK’s news article about the event!  They are also very talented in the sport. Both players have very good throws and can catch the ball well. They are both good batters, hitting it into the outfield on many attempts. 

RBI Wales is trying to help them attend Academy Softball this winter, so that they can grow their skills even further, and receive instruction from the top coaches in the country. Without our help, this won’t be possible. To attend all regional dates (10), it will cost £80 for each of them to attend, plus travel costs, which simply isn’t in their currently limited budget. Our target is £640, which would allow a third young player who cannot afford it to attend.   Can you help? Our Localgiving link is here.

Can you spare just £5 to get them to the events?

It’s a certainty they will make all their supporters very proud.   


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